2023 Update

The Newro Foundation has been at the forefront of ground-breaking neurosurgical research for more than a decade. In collaboration with our scientific partners at the QIMR/Berghofer centre, we have trialled novel immunotherapy strategies for the treatment of malignant brain tumours, which despite advances in surgical technique, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, remain incurable.

Our world-leading trials have shown significant improvements in survival for these patients, and have led to the development of further treatment strategies. We are in the final stages of developing a trial which we believe will be a game-changer. We believe this will lead to a paradigm shift in how these tumours are managed.

We are also involved in other investigations, such as the re-purposing of common medications as additional treatments for brain tumours, aiming to target the metabolic pathways in the cancer cells.

The Newro Foundation is also at the cutting edge of spine surgery management, with collection of patient reported outcomes data and development of novel technologies to improve surgical outcomes.