January 2018 Update

The Newro Foundation continues to run unique and world-leading trials towards finding better outcomes for brain tumour patients. We have now followed patients from our initial imunotherapy trial in patients with recurrent glioblastoma (GBM) for over 5 years and remarkably some of these patients continue to show no signs of brain cancer.

Our immunotherapy trial for patients with newly diagnosed GBM is about to stop recruitment, with almost 30 patients consented for treatment. This trial will cease recruitment in January 2018. Preliminary results are suggesting a subset of patients are showing significant responses.

Further studies are planned for 2018, with combination of our current immunotherapy technology (T-cells) and checkpoint inhibitor drugs.

We are also planning for other studies involving pre-treatment of patients with GBM with commonly used drugs (MAC study). We have currently applied for funding and ethics approval.

-By Prof David Walker, Managing Director – Newro Foundation