Dr David Walker - Managing Director

Dr David Walker is a neurosurgeon at Briz Brain & Spine. He remains active in research, both at the clinical and basic science level through his links with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) and the Newro Foundation.

Dr Walker completed his undergraduate medical training at the University of Queensland and then studied for a doctorate PhD at QIMR on the Molecular Genetics of Astrocytomas (brain tumours) before undertaking advanced neurosurgical training at the Royal Brisbane Hospital and Royal Melbourne Hospital. 

Dr Walker was Neuro-Oncology Fellow at the prestigious Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, USA and was also appointed a position at Harvard University during this time.

In the United States he underwent advanced neurosurgical training in the management of brain and pituitary tumours.

Since returning to Brisbane in 2001, Dr Walker has developed a special clinical interest in all aspects of neuro-oncology (brain tumours), especially surgery for low grade gliomas. He continues to advance his skills in all areas of neurosurgery and spinal surgery.

Dr Walker is a member of the Queensland Audit of Surgical Mortality (QASM), the Neurosurgical Society of Australasia (NSA), the Neurosurgical Society of Queensland (NSQ) and COGNO (the Co-Operative Trials Group for Neuro Oncology).

Dr Walker is also a Professor Faculty Medicine at the University of Queensland, Griffith University and Bond University.