We are actively involved in collaborative projects with major research institutions including the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, the University of Queensland, Griffith University, Blaze Bioscience Inc and the Queensland University of Technology.

The current research activities of the Newro Foundation are wide-ranging. As well as monitoring our treatment outcomes in our current clinical practice, we are also involved in research in many areas of neurosurgical practice. Each neurosurgeon has special areas of research interest, but we often collaborate to enhance our research studies. Our current interests include advances in the treatment of brain tumours, surgical treatment of movement disorders, treatment of spinal conditions including complex spinal surgery and minimal access spinal/keyhole surgery, as well as skull base conditions such as pituitary tumours and acoustic neuromas.

Research methods vary and may include:

  • Basic scientific research which is often laboratory based
  • Patient care which assesses current methods of treatment
  • Clinical research that is out of the laboratory and studies new methods of treatment in a patient population
  • Epidemiology/population studies to examine disease patterns in the population

New ideas for the treatment of brain and spinal conditions occur all the time. However, translating these ideas into practice relies on research and development. It can take many years before an idea translates into current clinical practice. Through our research foundation we hope to extend and expand our research interests in neurosurgical practice to improve future patient treatment and care.