Clinical Trial Information


Immunotherapy for Primary Glioblastoma.

The results from the Killer T Cell Therapy for GBM have enabled further research into treatment for GBM; with a new clinical trial recruiting now. While this clinical trial continues to investigate the association between HCMV and GBM, it will recruit newly diagnosed HCMV positive GBM patients. Through this research we will continue to monitor the safety and effectiveness of HCMV specific cytotoxic T cells and evaluate their impact on progression free survival.


 Status – Not Currently Recruiting


Development of a cytotoxic T Cell vaccination.

The Newro Foundation in collaboration with QIMR are currently investigating the development of a vaccine to prevent HCMV disease. Through this study, researchers hope to gain a better understanding of how the immune system responds to HCMV and how cytotoxic T Cells recognise HCMV cells. This trial is continues to recruit participants.  


Status - Not Currently Recruiting


Tumor Paint BLZ-100

A Phase 1 dose escalation/expansion study of BLZ-100 administered by intravenous infection in adult subjects with glioma undergoing surgery

This study will recruit patients diagnosed with a glioma and who are scheduled to undergo surgery. It is a multi-centre trial that is being conducted at The Newro Foundation and Cedars Sinai Medical Centre USA.

BLZ-100 is an experimental drug product that is thought to bind with cancer cells.  It contains a dye (a slightly modified form of indocyanine green) that fluoresces under a specific light source, so that the surgeon can see the cancer cells using special imaging machines.


Status - Not Currently Recruiting


Surgical Outcomes Survey

For every patient undergoing surgery for degenerative cervical spine and degenerative lumbar spine conditions there is the requirement to provide evidence of the risks and benefits of surgical intervention. Clinical research, mainly collated from retrospective analysis, provides some of the basis of the information given pre-operatively. In large, only anecdotal evidence can be given to the patient regarding the long and short term outcomes following spinal surgery.  The Newro Foundation has developed the Surgical Outcome Survey (SOS) online assessment tool, endorsed by Surgeons of BrizBain and Spine Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery practice, to establish current local evidence on the outcomes of spinal surgery.

SOS is a web-based internet program designed to assess the short-term and long-term outcomes following the surgical management of lumbar spinal conditions and cervical spinal conditions from the perspective of both the patient and the surgeon.  SOS enhances the ability of an individual surgeon and practice to assess results from surgeries through the use of standardised data collection. 

The Surgical Outcome Survey online assessment system will provide up to date information on the benefits of cervical and lumbar spine surgical intervention and quality of care not only to patients but will give vital transparent benchmarking evidence to institutions, insurance companies and other governing bodies. 


Once again the research team would like to thank everyone who has been involved in these research studies. We have gained invaluable knowledge from your time, commitment and dedication.